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Magic C Cock Rings 3pk by Cal Exotics

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Color: Blue


Set of Three Cock Rings:

  • This package includes three stretchy and comfortable cock rings, offering variety and flexibility to suit your preferences.

2. Sturdy and Soft TPR Construction:

  • Crafted from hygienically superior TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), these rings provide a sturdy yet soft and smooth feel for a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

3. Pleasure Nodules with Heart and Star Shapes:

  • Adorned with sensuous heart and star-shaped pleasure nodules, these rings aim to increase sensitivity and provide additional stimulation for both partners.

4. Designed for Prolonged Intimate Play:

  • The Magic C Cock Rings are specifically designed to enhance and prolong intimate moments, promoting endurance and satisfaction.

5. Reusable and Easy to Use:

  • These cock rings are reusable, making them a cost-effective and convenient choice for your intimate exploration. They are also easy to put on and take off.

6. Ideal for Self-Gratification and Couple's Foreplay:

  • Whether used for self-gratification or during couple's foreplay, these rings add an extra layer of excitement to your intimate experiences.

7. Compatible with Vibrating Stimulation Toys:

  • For added pleasure, these cock rings are compatible with vibrating stimulation toys, allowing you to explore a variety of sensations.

8. Easy to Clean:

  • Maintain hygiene effortlessly by cleaning the Magic C Cock Rings with warm, soapy water or a toy cleaner spray after each use.

Enhance your intimate moments with the Magic C Cock Rings 3pk, a versatile set crafted for comfort, pleasure, and extended enjoyment. Explore new dimensions of pleasure with these reusable and stimulating accessories.

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