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M for Men Robobator Automatic Masturbator by Blush

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Color: White


A revolutionary male masturbator designed to deliver an unparalleled world of sexual power. This powerhouse device is equipped with cutting-edge features, ensuring a mind-blowing experience that will elevate your pleasure to new heights.

  1. Dual-Functionality: The Robo-Bator boasts two elite performance functions to cater to your every desire. Enjoy 7 commanding vibrating modes and 7 stroking modes, providing a versatile range of sensations for a customized experience.

  2. Soft and Textured Inner Chamber: Immerse yourself in the soft and textured inner chamber that offers a tight fit, securing you for pleasure. The realistic feel inside is incredibly smooth, replicating the sensations of the real thing with every stroke.

  3. Easy Controls: Navigate through the powerful functions effortlessly with just a few clicks of the button. The user-friendly design ensures that you can focus on your pleasure without any distractions.

  4. Turbo Climax Boost: Take your experience to the next level by tapping into the turbo climax boost feature. Activate the full force, driving the stroker to the highest level of powerful vibrations for an intense and incredible climax finish.

  5. USB Rechargeable: Enjoy the convenience of USB charging, ensuring that your Robo-Bator is always ready for action. With 60 minutes of run time on a full charge, you can go longer and harder than ever before.

  6. Top-Class Technology: The Robo-Bator combines state-of-the-art technology with a bold and innovative design, making it a titan among men's strokers. Experience the pinnacle of pleasure with this dream sex machine.

Unleash your desires and elevate your solo play with the M for Men Robo-Bator. Whether you prefer powerful vibrations, dynamic stroking, or a combination of both, this male masturbator is designed to cater to your every need. Get ready to embark on a wild ride of sensations and experience an incredible climax finish that will leave you craving more.

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