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Lord of the Smoke Adult Coloring Book by Wood Rocket

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Embark on an enthralling new adventure with "The Lord of the Smoke Rings" - a captivating parody coloring book by Wood Rocket designed specifically for those who enjoy a little extra buzz. This 8.5" x 11" book features 28 exquisite pages that bring to life beloved characters in an epic fantasy realm with a unique twist.

  1. Parody Coloring Book: "The Lord of the Smoke Rings" is a parody coloring book that combines the epic fantasy world with a humorous and cannabis-inspired twist.

  2. Exquisite Pages: The book contains 28 exquisite pages filled with intricate illustrations, allowing you to immerse yourself in a J.R.R. Tokin' good time.

  3. Beloved Characters: Meet characters such as Frodope Dimebaggins, Samweed Ganja, Legohash, Ganjaladriel, and Gandope The Green, each with their own cannabis-themed personalities.

  4. Fellowspliff Adventure: Join Frodope and his loyal comrades, known as the Fellowspliff, as they traverse the enchanting land of Mordope on a mission to ignite the One Nug.

  5. 42Orcs and SmokeOn: Encounter hordes of 42Orcs under the watchful, bloodshot eye of SmokeOn, adding a unique and humorous element to the adventure.

  6. Schwagollum: Beware the peculiar hippie creature named Schwagollum, adding a playful and cannabis-inspired touch to the storyline.

Note: This coloring book is intended for adult audiences and offers a humorous take on the classic fantasy tale. Enjoy a unique and exhilarating coloring experience with "The Lord of the Smoke Rings"!

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