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Little Love Treats Scratcher by Ozze Creations

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"Little Love Teasers Scratch Card Game" – a charming and consensual way to add a touch of romance and surprise to your relationship. This game is designed to deepen your connection and bring a smile to both partners' faces.

How to Play:

  1. Weekly Scratch: Each week, partners take turns scratching off a single ticket from the set, revealing a sweet and romantic gesture or tease.

  2. Shared Joy: The scratched-off message could range from a romantic gesture, a special date idea, a love note, or a playful tease. Enjoy the shared joy of discovering these delightful surprises.

  3. Open Communication: After revealing the message, engage in open communication about your feelings and thoughts regarding the romantic gesture or tease. Share your enthusiasm, and discuss if there's a desire to fulfill the suggestion.

  4. Consensual Participation: Participation is entirely consensual, and both partners should feel free to express their comfort levels and boundaries. If the suggestion resonates with both, feel free to enjoy the romantic experience together.

  5. Continuous Connection: The game serves as an ongoing source of connection and surprises, fostering a deeper sense of intimacy and playfulness in your relationship.

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