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Liquid Virgin Tightening Lubricant Strawberry by Hott Products

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A tantalizingly moist experience with the exclusive tightening lubricant and feel that irresistible squeeze, whether for vaginal or anal pleasure! Liquid Virgin is simply perfect for new moms, gentlemen seeking a little more oomph, or anyone yearning for an extra snug sensation during intimate moments. Each sampler comes in a convenient 2ml tube, ensuring you never run out of this amazing product!

  1. Water Soluble Formula:

    • Ensures easy cleaning for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  2. Non-Sticky Texture:

    • Guarantees a smooth glide, enhancing overall comfort during intimate moments.
  3. Moisturizing Properties:

    • Keeps you moisturized for ultimate comfort, contributing to a more pleasurable experience.
  4. Delightfully Scented:

    • Infused with the tempting aroma of ripe strawberries, adding a delightful sensory element to your intimate encounters.

With Liquid Virgin, passion awaits at every squeeze. This sampler is a perfect introduction to the tightening lubricant, allowing users to experience its benefits in a convenient and easily accessible form.

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