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Ultra Sensitive Condoms by Lifestyles®

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  1. Thin and Strong Design:

    • Crafted with thin walls to provide a heightened level of sensitivity and enhanced sensations.
    • Offers a combination of thinness and strength for a pleasurable and reliable experience.
  2. Electronically Tested:

    • Rigorously tested electronically to ensure quality and reliability.
    • Conforms to Canadian standards, meeting safety and performance requirements.
  3. Premium Quality Latex:

    • Made from premium quality latex material for a natural feel.
    • Features a low scent, providing a discreet and comfortable experience.
  4. Natural Color:

    • Boasts a natural color for a visually appealing and authentic appearance.
    • Appeals to those who prefer a more discreet and natural look.
  5. LifeStyles® Comfort Shape:

    • Features the LifeStyles® comfort shape with a reservoir tip for added safety and comfort.
    • Designed to enhance the overall fit and feel during use.
  6. Approved by Health Canada:

    • Health Canada approval ensures that the condom meets regulatory standards for safety and efficacy.
    • Provides users with confidence in the product's compliance with health and safety guidelines.
  7. Size:

    • Length: 185mm (7.28 inches)
    • Diameter: 53mm (2.09 inches)
    • Offers a comfortable fit while accommodating various sizes.

LifeStyles® Thin and Strong Condoms are designed to provide a thin yet robust barrier, ensuring a pleasurable and safe experience. With features such as thin walls for increased sensations, electronic testing for quality assurance, and approval from Health Canada, these condoms prioritize both pleasure and safety. The natural color, low scent, and LifeStyles® comfort shape further contribute to an enjoyable and comfortable intimate encounter.

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