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LELO™ Hex Original Condoms

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Lelo, renowned for creating luxury pleasure tools, has re-imagined and infused exciting new features into the classic condom with Lelo Hex Condoms. Crafted with ingenious design minds, these condoms boast a combination of classic reliability and innovative features for an enhanced intimate experience.

  1. Luxury Pleasure Tools Expertise: Lelo, known for its luxury pleasure tools, applies its expertise to reinvent and infuse excitement into the classic condom.

  2. Classic Latex Structure: The Hex condom is made from classic, reliable latex rubber and features a roomy reservoir at the tip.

  3. Extra Thin yet Super Strong: Despite being extra thin for heightened sensitivity, the Hex condom remains super strong, providing a reliable and pleasurable experience.

  4. Hexagon Texture: The transparent surface of the condom is criss-crossed with a stimulating hexagon texture, enhancing pleasure and providing a unique sensation.

  5. Innovative Design: Subtle grooves inside and thinner latex panels between the 350 hexagons contribute to increased sensitivity, ensuring a pleasurable and intimate encounter.

  6. Latex Material: Crafted from natural rubber latex, Hex condoms should not be used by individuals with latex sensitivities.

  7. Lubricated: The condom comes pre-lubricated for added comfort and ease of use.

  8. Important Note: Never use an oil or petroleum-based lubricant with this or any other latex condom. Users are advised to read the directions carefully for safe and effective use.

Lelo Hex Condoms combine the reliability of classic latex with innovative design elements, offering a heightened level of sensitivity and pleasure. Whether used for protection during intimate moments or to enhance pleasure, these condoms reflect Lelo's commitment to reinventing and elevating the experience of safe and satisfying intimacy. Users are encouraged to follow the provided directions for optimal and safe use.

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