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Lecrosse Vibrating Masturbator by Vivilo

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Color: Black


Epitome of male pleasure with LeCrosse by Vivilo, the cutting-edge high-tech male masturbation device designed specifically with your satisfaction in mind. Crafted with a steadfast commitment to safety, LeCrosse is meticulously constructed from ultra-soft silicone and skin-friendly plastic, ensuring a comfortable and allergy-free experience.

LeCrosse tantalizes your senses in two distinct ways, elevating your pleasure to unprecedented heights. Firstly, it features a dynamic vibration mechanism with six adjustable speeds meticulously engineered to trigger arousal and facilitate firm erections. Secondly, LeCrosse boasts the renowned Acupressure system, offering six unique rhythmic patterns meticulously designed to guide you towards intense orgasms and unparalleled ecstasy. With just two intuitive control buttons, unlocking the full range of LeCrosse's capabilities is effortlessly simple.

The patented Acupressure technology, powered by a sophisticated magnetic transmission system, sets LeCrosse apart from the rest, guaranteeing an original, safe, and highly effective product. This groundbreaking technology targets the Pacini corpuscles located on the tip and underside of the penis, stimulating sensory receptors to enhance responsiveness. With thousands of Acupressure oscillations per minute, LeCrosse provides unparalleled stimulation, heightening pleasure and intensifying sensations.

Elevate your solo pleasure experiences to new heights with LeCrosse by Vivilo. With its innovative design, advanced technologies, and unwavering focus on safety and effectiveness, LeCrosse is poised to revolutionize the way you experience male pleasure.

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