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Kink Power Bang Fuck Hole Accessory 10pk by Doc Johnson

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Color: Black


Deluxe Accessory Pack for Power Banger Fucking Machine

  1. Fuck Hole ULTRASKYN™ Inserts:

    • Three high-quality ULTRASKYN™ strokers included:
      • Fuck Hole Original Pussy
      • Fuck Hole Original Ass
      • Fuck Hole Tunnel
    • ULTRASKYN™ material provides a realistic and pleasurable experience.
  2. Universal Case:

    • Classic squeezable case designed to hold all three Fuck Hole ULTRASKYN™ inserts.
    • The case is versatile and easy to use.
  3. Adapter for Kink Power Banger:

    • Included adapter base allows easy mounting of the case onto the Kink Power Banger.
    • Ensures a secure connection for a seamless experience.
  4. Power Banger Extender Set:

    • Three-piece customizable Extender Set made from sturdy aluminum.
    • Provides options for different lengths, allowing users to customize their experience.
  5. Kink by Doc Johnson® Water-Based Lube:

    • High-quality water-based lubricant (4.0 fl. Oz./118mL) for a smooth and pleasurable experience.
    • Suitable for use with the Fuck Hole ULTRASKYN™ inserts.
  6. Main Squeeze™ Toy Cleaner:

    • Toy cleaner (4.0 fl. Oz./118mL) to keep the accessories clean and hygienic between uses.
  7. Doc Johnson® ULTRASKYN™ Refresh Powder:

    • Refresh powder (1.0 oz./28g) for maintaining the lifelike feel of the ULTRASKYN™ material.
  8. Complete Care and Usage Instructions:

    • Enclosed care instructions to guide users on how to clean, maintain, and use the accessories for an optimal experience.
  9. Kink by Doc Johnson Collaboration:

    • Part of the exciting collaboration between Doc Johnson and
    • Designed to meet the standards of both long-term practitioners and new initiates in the fetish community.


  • The accessory pack is designed for use with the Power Banger Fucking Machine, providing users with a comprehensive and versatile set of options for a stimulating experience.

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