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Kink 3 Spike Pinwheel by Doc Johnson

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Color: Black



  1. Versatile Sensory Play:

    • The Spike Pinwheel from Doc Johnson's Kink collaboration is designed for versatile sensory play, making it ideal for teasing, tormenting, and exploring unique sensations with a submissive partner.
  2. Medical Fetish Play:

    • Perfect for medical fetish play scenes, the Spike Pinwheel adds an extra layer of excitement to your intimate experiences.
  3. Adjustable Sensation:

    • The pinwheel produces a variety of tantalizing sensations and effects depending on the pressure applied. Lightly rolling the wheel provides a gentle tickling touch, while applying more pressure can lead to marked or pierced sensations with its sharp prickly points.
  4. Individual Wheel Tracks:

    • The design includes individual wheel tracks, preventing pinching and ensuring a more controlled and enjoyable experience.
  5. User-Controlled Pressure:

    • Users have control over the pressure and effects, allowing for customized and tailored sensory experiences based on personal preferences and comfort levels.
  6. Black Chrome-Finish Metal:

    • The Spike Pinwheel features a black chrome-finish metal, adding a touch of elegance to its functionality.
  7. Extra-Long Handle:

    • With an extra-long handle, this pinwheel is designed to suit users of all preferences and sizes, ensuring a comfortable grip during play.

Overview: The Kink 3 Spike Pinwheel offers a thrilling addition to sensory play, allowing users to explore a range of sensations from gentle tickling to more intense, piercing experiences. Its individual wheel tracks enhance safety, and the adjustable pressure makes it suitable for users at various comfort levels. The black chrome-finish metal adds a stylish touch to this versatile and exciting tool for intimate exploration.

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