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Sex On The Go Kit Sex Magic by Kama Sutra

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Sex-To-Go Kits from Kama Sutra—a delightful collection of sexy little kits that provide everything you need for a spontaneous and passionate encounter. Conveniently sized to discreetly fit into your pocket or purse, these kits are designed for on-the-go pleasure. Each kit contains an assortment of single-use sachets, ensuring you're always prepared for a quickie anytime, anywhere.

Key Components of the Sex-To-Go Kit:

  1. LOVE LIQUID Lube Sachets (8 Sachets, 0.10 fl oz/3 ml each):

    • Water-based lubricant for a smooth and pleasurable experience.
    • Convenient single-use sachets ensure easy application and portability.
  2. AROUSE Intensifying Gel Warming Sachets (4 Sachets, 0.03 fl oz/1 ml each):

    • Warming clitoral sensations gel designed to intensify pleasure.
    • Perfect for enhancing arousal and adding a spark to intimate moments.
    • Single-use sachets for ease of use and a quick, exciting experience.
  3. Multi-lingual Informational Brochure:

    • Includes tips and suggestions to enhance your intimate moments.
    • Offers information on various sex positions to inspire creativity and passion.

With the Sex-To-Go Kits from Kama Sutra, you have a combination of water-based lubricants and warming clitoral sensations gel, all conveniently packaged for a quick and pleasurable experience. Stay prepared for spontaneous encounters, explore new sensations, and add an element of excitement to your intimate moments with these discreet and enticing kits.

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