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Vanilla Sandlewood Naturals Sensual Massage Oil by Kama Sutra

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 Vanilla Sandlewood Naturals Sensual Massage Oil

  1. Naturally Soft Skin:

    • Formulated for naturally soft skin with a blend of Soy, Grape Seed, and Almond massage Oils.
  2. Skin-Softening Oils:

    • Made with natural, skin-softening oils to provide a gentle and nurturing effect on the skin.
  3. Light and Silky Texture:

    • Boasts a light and silky texture, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable application.
  4. Perfect for Sensual Massage:

    • Ideal for sensual massage, creating an intimate and pleasurable experience.
  5. Daily Moisturizer:

    • Doubles as a daily moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and supple.
  6. Long-Lasting Formula:

    • Features a long-lasting formula suitable for a full-body massage.
  7. Luscious Fruit Scents:

    • Available in four luscious fruit scents, adding a delightful fragrance to enhance the overall experience.

Experience the luxury of naturally soft skin with this indulgent Natural Soft Skin Massage Oil. Its carefully selected blend of oils provides a light and silky texture, making it perfect for both sensual massage and everyday moisturizing. Enjoy the long-lasting formula and choose from a variety of luscious fruit scents to elevate your massage experience.

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