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Rabbit Vibrating Bullet by Je Joue

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Color: Purple


  1. Rabbit-Inspired Design:

    • The Bunny Bliss vibrating bullet features a unique design inspired by a rabbit. The soft and flexible ears are strategically crafted to move around your body, offering versatile and targeted pleasure.
  2. Clitoral Hugging Ears:

    • The soft and flexible ears are designed to hug your clitoris, providing a delightful and intimate sensation that caters to your desires.
  3. Base of the Ears for Intense Vibrations:

    • Use the base of the ears for intense vibrations, allowing you to explore various levels of stimulation and find the perfect rhythm for your pleasure.
  4. USB Rechargeable:

    • Bid farewell to disposable batteries with the Bunny Bliss. This rabbit vibrating bullet is USB rechargeable, ensuring a convenient and eco-friendly charging experience.
  5. Versatile and Flexible:

    • The Bunny Bliss is crafted to be versatile and flexible, allowing you to explore different erogenous zones and find the perfect angle for your pleasure.
  6. Elevate Your Pleasure:

    • Whether you're a seasoned pleasure enthusiast or new to intimate devices, the Bunny Bliss is designed to elevate your pleasure and deliver an unforgettable experience.
  7. Easy to Use:

    • Enjoy hassle-free pleasure with the Bunny Bliss. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can focus on your pleasure without any complications.
  8. USB Rechargeable:

    • The Bunny Bliss is equipped with a USB rechargeable feature, making it a convenient and sustainable choice for your pleasure needs.

Indulge in the delightful sensations offered by the Bunny Bliss. With its rabbit-inspired design, clitoral-hugging ears, and USB rechargeable functionality, this vibrating bullet is ready to take you on a journey of pleasure. Elevate your intimate moments with the Bunny Bliss and experience the blissful delights it has to offer.

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