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Soothe Anal Antibacterial Glide Lubricant by Intimate Earth™

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  1. Paraben-Free Formula: SOOTHE is a premium anal lubricant glide crafted without parabens, ensuring a safe and high-quality experience without the use of certain preservatives.

  2. Water and Plant-Derived Glycerin: The formula is made from a combination of water and plant-derived glycerin, providing a smooth and luxurious texture for enhanced comfort during anal play.

  3. Enriched with Guava Bark Extract: SOOTHE is blended with guava bark extract, a natural antibacterial agent. This addition contributes to a cleaner and more hygienic experience, promoting overall anal health.

  4. Maximum Lubrication: Designed to offer maximum lubrication, SOOTHE ensures a pleasurable and comfortable experience for both partners during intimate activities.

  5. Safe to Ingest: This anal glide is safe to ingest, allowing for worry-free exploration without concern about taste or accidental ingestion.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Apply SOOTHE Premium Anal Glide to the desired area.
  • Reapply as needed to maintain desired lubrication.
  • Safe for use with latex condoms and suitable for both partners.
  • Enjoy the smooth and luxurious texture during anal play.

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