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Defense Anti Bacterial Lubricant by Intimate Earth™

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DEFENSE Anti-Yeast Infection and HPV Protection Glide is an innovative breakthrough in intimate care, formulated with natural ingredients such as Carrageenan (Sea Kelp) and Guava Bark Anti-Bacterial extract. This unique blend aims to provide protection against yeast infections and HPV, offering a new level of care for intimate wellness.

  1. Carrageenan (Sea Kelp): A recent study conducted by researchers from The National Cancer Institute (NCI) found that carrageenan inhibits the infectious ability of viruses that cause cervical cancer and genital warts. DEFENSE Glide incorporates carrageenan to contribute to protection against these infections.

  2. Guava Bark Anti-Bacterial Extract: Guava Bark, known for its anti-bacterial properties, is used in the Amazon to prevent yeast infections. It has traditional applications as a wound treatment and as a douche to help prevent yeast infections. In Brazil, guava is considered an astringent for wounds.

  3. Anti-Yeast and HPV Protection: DEFENSE Glide is specially formulated to provide anti-yeast and HPV protection, promoting intimate health and wellness.

  4. Exciting Breakthrough: The inclusion of carrageenan and guava bark extract represents an exciting breakthrough in intimate glides, offering a holistic approach to intimate care.

  5. Based on Scientific Research: The formulation is backed by scientific research, with studies indicating the inhibitory effects of carrageenan on viruses that contribute to cervical cancer and genital warts.

  6. Natural Ingredients: DEFENSE Glide utilizes natural ingredients to provide protection, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and promoting a gentle and safe experience.

  7. Traditional Amazonian Use: The incorporation of guava bark extract draws from traditional Amazonian use, highlighting its efficacy in preventing yeast infections and promoting wound healing.

Experience the protective benefits of DEFENSE Anti-Yeast Infection and HPV Protection Glide, a unique formulation designed to prioritize intimate wellness. Whether used for preventive care or as part of a holistic intimate health routine, this glide offers an exciting breakthrough in the realm of intimate care. Choose DEFENSE Glide for a natural and effective approach to anti-yeast and HPV protection.

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