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Intimate Dares Game by Cal Exotics

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  1. Naughty and Sexy Fun:

    • "Intimate Dares™" is crafted to bring naughty and sexy fun into your adult gatherings, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and playfulness.
  2. Two Decks for Variety:

    • The game includes the "Intimate Dares™" playing deck and a deck of Dare cards, offering a variety of challenges to keep the excitement alive throughout the game.
  3. Instructions for Easy Play:

    • Clear and concise instructions are provided to ensure easy play, allowing you to jump right into the thrilling world of intimate dares with your friends and lovers.
  4. Perfect for Adult Couples:

    • Tailored for 2 or more adult couples, "Intimate Dares™" is an ideal choice for a night of sensual exploration and connection.

Included Components:

  • 1 Intimate Dares™ Playing Deck
  • 1 Deck of Dare Cards
  • Instructions

How to Play:

  1. Setup:

    • Arrange the "Intimate Dares™" playing deck and the Dare cards. Ensure that all players are comfortable and consenting to engage in the game.
  2. Take Turns Drawing Cards:

    • Players take turns drawing cards from the decks, revealing intimate dares and challenges.
  3. Act Out the Dares:

    • Act out the dares as instructed, creating a playful and sexy atmosphere. The game encourages a variety of intimate activities to enhance the connection between couples.
  4. Follow Instructions:

    • Follow the instructions on each card, embracing the naughty and sensual challenges presented. The goal is to enjoy the intimate moments and share in the excitement.
  5. Continue Play:

    • Continue drawing cards and completing dares until the desired level of play is reached or as per the preferences of the participants.

Note: Please ensure that all participants are comfortable and consenting to engage in the game. "Intimate Dares™" is intended for lighthearted and consensual adult play.

Open the door to a night of seductive and thrilling adventures with "Intimate Dares™" – the game that guarantees hours of naughty, sexy fun for you and your friends or lovers. Let the intimate dares begin!

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