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Impulse E-Stimulator Wand Vibrator by Cal Exotics

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Color: Purple


The Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Wand is a sophisticated massager designed for heightened pleasure, incorporating both electro-stimulation technology and vibration functions. With 5 electro-stimulation functions and 7 vibration functions, this sleek wand offers a versatile and customizable experience. The well-placed stimulator pads ensure precise and pleasurable stimulation for an enhanced overall experience.

  1. Dual Stimulation:

    • Combines electro-stimulation technology and vibration functions for a comprehensive and satisfying experience.
  2. Electro-Stimulation Technology:

    • Utilizes electric pulses to automatically strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles, enhancing orgasms.
  3. Zinc Alloy Electro-Stim Pads:

    • Well-placed zinc alloy electro-stim pads gently pulse to intensify sensation and climax.
  4. 7 Vibration Functions:

    • Offers 7 functions of vibration for a range of pleasurable sensations.
  5. Precise and Well-Placed Stimulator Pads:

    • Ensures targeted stimulation, hitting just the right spots for heightened pleasure.
  6. Flexible Massager:

    • Made from hygienically superior silicone, providing a silky and body-safe material for a comfortable experience.
  7. User-Friendly Controls:

    • Sleek 3-button control pad for frustration-free control of both vibration and electro-stimulation functions.
  8. Independent Electro Pulse Functions:

    • 5 independently controlled electro pulse functions allow users to personalize and escalate stimulation.

The Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Wand is crafted to offer a luxurious and customizable experience, catering to users seeking both electro-stimulation and vibration in one sleek device. The use of body-safe materials and advanced technologies makes it a versatile and pleasurable addition to intimate moments.

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