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ID Sensation Warming Water Based Lubricant by ID Lubricants®

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Heightened pleasure with the newly formulated ID Sensation® Warming Water-Based Lubricant. Designed to provide a gently warming sensation upon contact, this lubricant adds an extra layer of stimulation to your intimate moments. With the trusted consistency of ID Glide®, ID Sensation® is latex-safe, water-based, and non-staining. Elevate your passion with a lubricant that brings warmth and excitement to your encounters.

  1. Warms on Contact: ID Sensation® Warming Lubricant creates a gentle warming sensation upon contact, enhancing stimulation and adding a new dimension to your intimate experiences.

  2. Latex Safe: This lubricant is safe to use with latex condoms, ensuring protection during intimate activities.

  3. Water-Based: The water-based formula provides a smooth and natural feel, allowing for easy application and comfortable use.

  4. Non-Staining: ID Sensation® is non-staining, making it convenient for use on sheets and fabrics without leaving lasting marks.

  5. Adult Toy Safe: Compatible with adult toys, this warming lubricant adds versatility to your intimate play.

  6. Increases Stimulation: The warming effect of ID Sensation® is designed to increase stimulation, heightening pleasure and passion during use.

Experience the excitement of ID Sensation® as it brings warmth and stimulation to your intimate moments. Whether used for solo adventures or shared pleasures, this water-based warming lubricant is crafted to enhance your passion and provide a memorable and pleasurable experience. Explore new sensations and elevate your intimate encounters with ID Sensation®.

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