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ID Glide® Tube Water Based Lubricant by ID Lubricants

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ID Glide Personal Water-Based Lubricant

  1. Premium Quality:

    • Crafted from top-tier ingredients to provide an indulgent and elevated intimate experience.
  2. Clear and Odorless:

    • Transparent formulation with no discernible odor, ensuring a discreet and pleasant application.
  3. Water-Based Formula:

    • Silky-smooth and water-based for a comfortable and natural feel during intimate moments.
  4. Long-Lasting Performance:

    • Designed for long-lasting lubrication, enhancing pleasure throughout the entire experience.
  5. Latex-Compatible:

    • Compatible with latex products, making it versatile for various intimate situations.
  6. Men's Health Magazine #1 Rating:

    • Recognized and rated as the number one personal lubricant by Men's Health magazine, attesting to its high quality.

Additional Information:

  • Versatile Application:

    • Suitable for various intimate activities, providing comfort and smoothness.
  • Discreet and Odor-Free:

    • Clear formulation without any noticeable odor, ensuring a discreet and enjoyable experience.
  • Water-Based Comfort:

    • Water-based formula mimics the body's natural moisture, providing a comfortable and natural feel.
  • Top-Tier Ingredients:

    • Crafted from carefully selected ingredients to ensure a premium and satisfying performance.
  • Trusted Brand:

    • ID Glide is a trusted and recognized brand in intimate care, known for setting high standards in satisfaction.

Experience the highest quality in intimate lubrication with ID Glide Personal Lubricant. Its premium formulation, clear appearance, and versatile compatibility make it a top choice for an enhanced and satisfying intimate experience.

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