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ID Frutopia Strawberry Flavored Lubricant by ID Lubricants®

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ID Frutopia Flavored Lubricant

  1. Natural Flavors:

    • Delivers a state of ecstasy with natural flavors that set it apart from other flavored lubricants.
  2. Unique Taste Experience:

    • Provides a delicious and unique taste experience, making intimate moments more enjoyable.
  3. Water-Based Formula:

    • Water-based formula ensures a smooth and natural feel during use.
  4. Naturally Sweetened:

    • Free from sugars, offering a naturally sweetened option for a guilt-free experience.
  5. No Artificial Coloring:

    • Does not contain artificial coloring, maintaining a fresh and natural appearance.
  6. Vegan-Friendly:

    • Considered vegan-friendly as the ingredients are extracted from natural vegetable-based sources.
  7. Latex-Friendly:

    • Compatible with latex products, allowing worry-free use with condoms or other latex items.
  8. Revolutionary Flavor Experience:

    • ID takes pride in creating a lubricant that revolutionizes the flavor experience for customers.

Additional Information:

  • Yummy Situations:

    • Enhances bedroom experiences with a flavor that leads to memorable and enjoyable encounters.
  • Fresh Fruit Taste:

    • The flavor is so fresh that it mimics the sensation of taking a bite out of a fresh piece of fruit.
  • Fun and Versatile:

    • Adds a fun and versatile element to intimate encounters, encouraging exploration and experimentation.
  • Easy to Clean:

    • Water-based formula allows for easy cleaning and is compatible with various materials.
  • Ideal for Collection:

    • A must-have addition to your collection, making each encounter more exciting and enjoyable.

Choose ID Frutopia for a delectable fruit-flavored lubricant that stands out with its natural taste, vegan-friendly formulation, and latex compatibility. Elevate your intimate moments and make every experience more enjoyable with this revolutionary flavor.

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