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Black Label Facial Bronzer Cream by Hempz

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  1. Gentle-Touch Facial Tanners:

    • Specially formulated for the delicate facial skin, the gentle-touch facial tanners provide a natural-looking, gradual tan without harsh effects.
  2. Gradual Bronzers:

    • Experience a deep, radiant glow with gradual bronzers that enhance and darken your skin tone for a sun-kissed look.
  3. Hempz 5 Hydration System:

    • This premium facial tanner is fortified with the Hempz 5 Hydration System, ensuring optimal skin hydration. The system includes key ingredients that contribute to skin nourishment and moisture retention.
  4. Pure Hemp Seed Oil and Extract:

    • Enriched with pure Hemp Seed Oil and Extract, known for their hydrating and antioxidant properties, this facial tanner helps keep your skin healthy and supple.
  5. Advanced Tanning Technology:

    • Designed for advanced tanners, the facial tanner utilizes advanced tanning technology to provide a rich, natural-looking tan while promoting even skin tone.
  6. Moisturizing and Nourishing:

    • The formulation deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and radiant.
  7. Luminous Complexion:

    • Achieve a luminous complexion with the Hempz Premium Facial Tanner, enhancing your natural beauty with a sun-kissed glow.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Facial Application: Apply a small amount of the facial tanner evenly to your face, blending it into the skin for a seamless and natural finish.

  • Buildable Tan: For a deeper tan, reapply as needed to achieve your desired level of sun-kissed radiance.

  • Skincare Routine: Incorporate the Hempz Premium Facial Tanner into your skincare routine to maintain a healthy, hydrated, and beautifully tanned complexion.

Note: Always follow the recommended usage guidelines and perform a patch test before regular application. Avoid contact with eyes, and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Illuminate Your Beauty: Enhance your natural beauty with the Hempz Premium Facial Tanner, a luxurious blend of advanced tanning technology and skin-loving ingredients. Illuminate your complexion, achieve a radiant glow, and indulge in the benefits of pure Hemp Seed Oil and Extract.

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