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Were Going To Need A Safe Word Kit by Happy Ending by Global Novelties

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Color: Red



  1. Blindfold:

    • The kit includes a blindfold designed for sensory deprivation, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to intimate play. The blindfold is crafted for comfort and effective light blocking.
  2. Wrist and Ankle Sashes:

    • The bondage kit comes with wrist and ankle sashes for restraining your partner. These sashes are versatile and can be used for various binding positions, allowing you to explore different levels of restraint.
  3. Storage Bag:

    • A storage bag is included in the kit to keep all components organized and discreetly stored. The bag ensures that your bondage accessories are easily accessible and ready for use whenever desired.
  4. Safe Word Theme:

    • The kit is themed around the concept of having a safe word, promoting communication and consent during intimate moments. This theme adds a playful and consensual element to your bondage experiences.

Overview: The "We're Going To Need A Safe Word" Bondage Kit is designed to enhance your intimate experiences with sensory deprivation and restraint. The blindfold creates an atmosphere of anticipation, while the wrist and ankle sashes offer a range of binding options. The storage bag ensures easy organization and discreet storage of the components. The kit embraces a safe word theme, encouraging open communication and consent during intimate play.

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