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Glo In The Dark Bondage Wrist Cuffs by NS Novelties

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Color: Green


  1. Glow-in-the-Dark: These wrist cuff restraints feature a glow-in-the-dark design for added visual stimulation during BDSM play.

  2. Material: Crafted from easily maintainable synthetic materials, combining durability and ease of care.

  3. Novel Stimulation: The glow-in-the-dark feature adds a distinctive and novel element to your fetish adventures.


  • Glow-in-the-Dark: Yes
  • Material: Synthetic

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Clean the wrist cuff restraints regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain hygiene.

  2. Charge the glow-in-the-dark feature by exposing the restraints to light before use.

  3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the glow-in-the-dark effect.


  • Package Dimensions: [Not provided]
  • Package Weight: [Not provided]
  • Product Dimensions: [Not provided]
  • Product Weight: [Not provided]

Usage Instructions:

  1. Place the wrist cuff restraints on the desired partner's wrists.

  2. Adjust the cuffs to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

  3. Enjoy the unique glow-in-the-dark feature during BDSM play.


  1. Use the wrist cuff restraints responsibly and consensually in BDSM activities.

  2. Follow the provided instructions and guidelines for safe and enjoyable play.

  3. Ensure proper care and cleaning to maintain the quality of the product.

Note: GLO-in-the-Dark Wrist Cuff Restraints add a unique visual element to your fetish adventures. Always prioritize safety, communication, and consent in BDSM play, and enjoy the distinctive glow-in-the-dark feature during your intimate moments.

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