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Getting Naked Card Game by Cal Exotics

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Getting Naked is a simple and sensual game designed exclusively for couples. The objective is straightforward – to get both players naked. The game includes 52 playing cards, a rule book, and complete instructions, offering a fun and intimate experience for two adult players.

  1. Couples Game: Exclusively designed for couples, creating an intimate and playful experience for two players.

  2. Simple Concept: The game revolves around the straightforward objective of getting both players naked.

  3. Playing Cards: Includes 52 playing cards, each with specific instructions or actions to be followed.

  4. Rule Book: Comes with a rule book providing additional guidance and instructions for playing.

  5. Complete Instructions: Detailed instructions are provided to ensure an easy and enjoyable gaming experience.

How to Play:

  1. Both players take turns drawing cards from the deck.
  2. Each card contains specific instructions or actions that players must follow.
  3. The game continues until both players are fully undressed.


  • Provides a fun and light-hearted way for couples to connect.
  • Encourages playfulness and spontaneity in a relationship.
  • Offers a unique and entertaining experience for intimate moments.

Getting Naked is a game that brings couples closer by incorporating an element of playfulness and intimacy. With a focus on simplicity and enjoyment, it provides an entertaining way for partners to connect and have fun together.

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