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Bumpy Ride Flexible Vibrator 6.85" by Gender X

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Color: Purple


Product Name: Gender X's Bumpy Ride Silicone Vibe

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Design:

    • Flexes and bends to effortlessly fit individual body contours and various positions.
  2. Sweet Spot Stimulation:

    • Delivers deep-down satisfaction internally and sweet spot stimulation externally.
  3. Smooth Swells:

    • Four smooth swells flow from small to large in a non-linear order, offering versatile sensations.
  4. Vibration Modes:

    • Nine vibration modes provide rumbling and throbbing sensations throughout the entire shape at the touch of a button.
  5. USB Rechargeable:

    • Conveniently rechargeable using the included USB cable and an available USB port.
  6. Super-Silky Silicone:

    • Made from super-silky silicone for a luxurious feel and ease of cleaning.
  7. Easy to Clean:

    • Wash with warm water and mild soap before and after playtime.
    • Compatible with toy care fluid/foam and can be wiped with a clean cloth.
  8. Lubricant Compatibility:

    • Use a favorite water-based lubricant for extra slip and slide.
    • Avoid silicone-based lubricants to prevent potential damage to the vibe's surface.
  9. Storage Tips:

    • Store the Bumpy Ride away from other silicone toys to prevent any material interaction.
  10. Fully Waterproof:

    • Enjoy playtime in the bath or shower as the vibe is fully waterproof.

The Gender X's Bumpy Ride Silicone Vibe is a versatile and pleasurable toy designed for personalized satisfaction. With its flexible design, smooth swells, and multiple vibration modes, it offers a range of sensations for intimate play. The use of super-silky silicone, USB rechargeability, and waterproof feature add convenience and luxury to the overall experience.

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