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Galactic Swirl Ring Jock Undies by Male Power

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Color: Rainbow


Galactic Swirl Ring Jock Undies, a vibrant and playful addition to your underwear collection. This strappy cage jock features colorful swirl patterns, creating a visually captivating and energetic design. The thick elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit, while the metal back rings and contoured pouch add stylish details. The unique feature of very thick elastics criss-crossed over the open rear adds an extra layer of intrigue to this bold piece.

  1. Colorful Swirl Patterns: The jock undies boast colorful swirl patterns, adding a playful and lively touch to the design.

  2. Thick Elastic Waistband: Designed with a thick elastic waistband for comfort and support.

  3. Metal Back Rings: Features two metal back rings that contribute to the overall edgy and stylish look.

  4. Contoured Pouch: The contoured pouch provides a supportive and enhancing fit.

  5. Criss-Crossed Elastics on Open Rear: Very thick elastics criss-crossed over the open rear create a visually striking and provocative design.

Embrace a burst of color and energy with the Galactic Swirl Ring Jock Undies, perfect for those who seek a combination of style, comfort, and boldness in their underwear choices.

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