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Fetish Fantasy Series Wraparound Mattress Restraint by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


The Fetish Fantasy Series Wraparound Mattress Restraint by Pipedream® is designed to transform a bed into a passion playground, offering a range of possibilities for bondage and role-playing.

  1. Versatile Restraint System: Allows users to explore various restraint positions for added excitement and variety.
  2. Durable Nylon Tethers: The system includes durable nylon tethers that connect to four satin-lined cuffs.
  3. Adjustable Cuffs: The four cuffs (two hand cuffs and two leg cuffs) are adjustable, allowing a secure and comfortable fit.
  4. Tethers Securely Hold Partner: The tethers connect to the cuffs, securely holding the partner in place during play.
  5. Straps Tuck Beneath Mattress: The restraint system is designed to be discreet, with straps that can be tucked beneath the mattress.
  6. No Bedposts or Headboards Required: The system is versatile and can be used without the need for bedposts or headboards.
  7. Includes Love Mask: The kit includes a love mask, adding a sensory element to play.

This product is intended to provide users with an easy and adjustable way to incorporate bondage and restraint into their intimate experiences. The inclusion of adjustable cuffs, durable tethers, and a love mask enhances the versatility and sensory aspects of the experience.

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