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Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Touch Cuffs by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


Experience electrifying pleasure together with the Couples Electro Touch Cuffs, designed to provide thrilling e-stimulation for couples exploring new dimensions of pleasure. Ideal for beginners and those new to electro-sex, these electro-sex cuffs deliver pleasurable tingles to intensify your intimate moments. Wear both cuffs for solo play or have each partner wear one cuff to share the electrifying sensations.

  1. Couples Electro-Sex Cuffs:

    • Perfect for partners looking to explore e-stimulation together.
  2. Seductive Solo Play:

    • Wear both cuffs for electrifying solo play experiences.
  3. Interactive Partner Play:

    • Each partner wears one cuff for shared e-stimulation.
  4. Powerful Electronic Pulses:

    • Transmit pleasurable electronic pulses through your touch.
  5. Adjustable Intensity:

    • Dial on the control unit for adjusting shock intensity.
  6. Customizable Frequency:

    • Switch between "SLOW" and "FAST" settings for varied sensations.
  7. Compact Control Unit:

    • Functions as a hand massager in "IN" mode for versatile use.
  8. Easy-to-Use Operation:

    • Simple controls for adjusting shock frequency and strength.
  9. Plug-in Jack Connection:

    • Connect cuffs to the control unit using the plug-in jack in "OUT" mode.
  10. Body-Safe Materials:

  • Crafted with materials suitable for comfortable and safe use.

Enhance your shared pleasure with the Couples Electro Touch Cuffs, adding an electrifying element to your intimate connection. The adjustable settings and easy-to-use operation make these cuffs a thrilling addition for couples seeking unique and stimulating experiences together.

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