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Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Finger Fun by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


Shock Therapy Finger Fun

Indulge in electrifying pleasure with the Shock Therapy Finger Fun sleeves, designed for sensational electro-massage experiences. Ideal for beginners and those new to e-stimulation, these sleeves deliver pleasurable tingles, turning your fingers into instruments of electrifying delight.

  1. Versatile Stimulation:

    • Electric massage finger sleeves designed for versatile pleasure.
  2. Beginner-Friendly:

    • Perfect for individuals new to e-stimulation.
  3. Couples Play:

    • Ideal for giving your partner an all-over relaxing electro-massage.
  4. Solo Play:

    • Can be used for seductive solo play, enhancing personal pleasure.
  5. Handheld Control Unit:

    • Compact control unit for easy operation.
  6. Adjustable Settings:

    • Dial on the control unit allows you to control the intensity of the shock.
  7. Frequency Control:

    • Switch between "SLOW" and "FAST" to adjust the frequency of the shock.
  8. Strength Control:

    • Dial adjustment for controlling the strength of the shock.
  9. Multi-Functional Control Unit:

    • Can be used alone as a hand massager in "IN" mode.
  10. Safety Measures:

    • Latex finger cots included to prevent electric current transfer to the wearer.
  11. Easy to Use:

    • Sleeves attach to the control unit with a plug-in jack for straightforward operation.
  12. Electro-Massage Pleasure:

    • Enjoy stimulating electro-massage experiences with your fingertips.

Enhance your sensory play with the Shock Therapy Finger Fun, providing electrifying sensations for both solo and partner play. Explore the intensity and frequency of shocks for a customized and thrilling experience.

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