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Fantasy For Her - Her Little Gems Anal Plug Set 3pk by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Purple


  1. Versatile Anal Play Set: The Her Little Gems Anal Trainer Set is designed for anal play, offering a versatile range of sizes to cater to different experience levels and preferences.

  2. Ultra-Hygienic Elite Silicone: Crafted with ultra-hygienic elite silicone, these anal plugs provide a comfortable and body-safe experience. The material is bendable to hug delicate curves, ensuring flexibility during use.

  3. Gradual Exploration: The set includes three spade-shaped plugs in varying sizes (Small, Medium, Large) to allow users to gradually explore and enjoy new sensations. This progression helps prepare individuals for the experience of anal intercourse.

  4. Easy and Comfortable Insertion: The flexibility and softly tapered tips of the plugs make insertion easy and comfortable. Generously apply lubricant for effortless insertion and experience immediate tender pleasure as you explore each size.

  5. Sparkling Jewel Bases: Admire the sparkling jewel bases of each plug, providing dazzling visual stimulation and adding a touch of elegance to your intimate play.

  6. Dimensions:

    • Small Plug:
      • Insertable Length: 6.4 cm
      • Total Length: 7.2 cm
      • Diameter: 2.8 cm
    • Medium Plug:
      • Insertable Length: 7.3 cm
      • Total Length: 8.1 cm
      • Diameter: 3.5 cm
    • Large Plug:
      • Insertable Length: 8.2 cm
      • Total Length: 9.6 cm
      • Diameter: 4.4 cm
  7. Safe and Enjoyable Exploration: Whether you're a beginner or have experience in anal play, this collection ensures a safe and enjoyable exploration of new sensations, preparing users for heightened pleasure during intimate activities.

  8. Visual Stimulation: Wear these plugs during sex play to add a new dimension of pleasure and visual stimulation to your intimate activities. The jewel bases provide an alluring and sexy sight for you and your partner.

Indulge in the Her Little Gems Trainer Set to elevate your sexual experiences, embracing pleasure, exploration, and delight. It's designed for those who want to enhance their anal play journey in a safe and enjoyable way.

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