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Fantasy For Her - Her Little Gems Anal Plug Medium Pipedream Products®

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Color: Purple



  1. Ergonomic Spade-Shaped Design: Experience the luxurious pleasure of an ergonomic, spade-shaped anal plug that is both visually appealing and sensually satisfying.

  2. Exceptional Flexibility: The anal plug boasts exceptional flexibility, allowing for a comfortable and tailored experience during anal play.

  3. Perfectly Stimulating Size: Designed with the perfect size for stimulating sensations, the Little Gem Medium Plug ensures a delightful experience for users exploring anal pleasure.

  4. Added Sparkle: Introducing a touch of luxury, the Little Gem Medium Plug enhances anal play with added sparkle, providing a visually stunning and seductive element.

  5. Slim Tapered Tip: The slim tapered tip of the plug allows for easy insertion, promoting a gentle and gradual exploration of anal play.

  6. Carefully Crafted Design: The carefully crafted design ensures a snug and comfortable fit, immediately arousing the senses upon insertion.

  7. Flared Base: The flared base of the plug holds it securely in place, ensuring safety and providing a stimulating experience.

  8. Glistening Jewel Base: The glistening jewel base adds an element of surprise and excitement, creating an alluring visual appeal that can enhance the overall pleasure of the experience.

  9. Liberal Application of Lubricant: The product allows for a smooth and comfortable experience, with the user liberally applying lubricant to prepare for heightened pleasure.

  10. Immersive Pleasure: By wearing the Little Gem Medium Plug, users can immerse themselves in pure pleasure, embracing an intoxicating sense of sexiness that is unparalleled.

Note: Always follow the product's instructions and guidelines for safe and enjoyable use. Use a water-based lubricant for compatibility with the product. Clean the plug before and after each use for hygiene purposes.

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