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Female Condoms® Latex Free by FC2

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  1. Soft, Loose-Fitting Sheath: The Female Condom® is described as a soft, loose-fitting sheath made from synthetic rubber (non-latex). This design allows for flexibility and comfort during use.

  2. Synthetic Rubber (Non-Latex): The material used in the Female Condom® is non-latex, making it suitable for individuals who may have latex allergies or sensitivities.

  3. Flexible Ring at Each End: The condom features a flexible ring at each end. The inner ring, located at the closed end of the sheath, is used for insertion into the vagina and helps hold the condom in place during intercourse. The outer ring, rolled and located at the open end of the sheath, remains outside the vagina and covers part of the external genitalia.

  4. Strong and Pressure-Resistant: The Female Condom® is described as very strong and capable of supporting significant pressure during use. This strength contributes to its reliability and effectiveness.

  5. Ideal for Latex Allergies: Due to its non-latex composition, the Female Condom® is considered an ideal choice for individuals who are allergic to latex.

It's essential for users to follow the provided instructions for correct insertion and use of the Female Condom®. This contraceptive method offers an alternative for individuals seeking non-latex options and provides an additional choice in the range of available contraception. If there are any updates or changes to the product, it's advisable to check with healthcare professionals or the official Female Condom® provider for the latest information.

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