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Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone Super Vibrating Cock Ring by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


Enhance your intimate experiences with the Vibrating Super Cock Ring, a beginner-friendly accessory that offers erection support, amazing vibrations, and the potential for explosive orgasms.
  1. Erection Support:

    • Designed to provide erection support, the Vibrating Super Cock Ring helps maintain thicker and harder erections for a more satisfying experience.
  2. Amazing Vibrations:

    • The powerful bullet delivers amazing vibrations, adding a thrilling and pleasurable element to intimate encounters.
  3. Explosive Orgasms:

    • Prolong the fun and enhance pleasure with the Vibrating Super Ring, contributing to explosive orgasms for both partners.
  4. Beginner-Friendly:

    • Ideal for beginners, this vibrating ring is user-friendly, making it a perfect addition to any spontaneous encounter.
  5. Super-Stretchy Ring:

    • The super-stretchy ring is versatile and comfortable, allowing it to be worn around the base of the shaft or around the entire package for maximum constriction.
  6. Shower-Friendly:

    • The ring is suitable for use in the shower, turning bath time into playtime for added versatility.
  7. Ready to Use:

    • The Vibrating Super Ring is ready to go right out of the package, providing immediate pleasure without the need for complicated setup.
  8. Battery-Powered:

    • The vibrating bullet is powered by three AG13/LR44 batteries (included), ensuring convenient and replaceable power.
  9. Easy Activation:

    • To power the bullet for the first time, remove the paper liner and ensure the cap is screwed on tightly for easy activation.

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