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Disco Triple Play Vibrator by Evolved

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Color: Purple



  1. Comprehensive 3-Point Vibrator:

    • Provides a comprehensive 3-point vibrator for the most complete pleasure experience available.
  2. Unique 'Trigasm' Stimulation:

    • Discover a 'trigasm' by stimulating your clitoris, G-spot, and anus simultaneously, leading to a body-melting climax that's truly unique.
  3. Customizable Vibrations:

    • Customize your vibrations and choose from two motors at a time or all three, allowing you to tailor the stimulation to your preferences.
  4. USB Rechargeable:

    • Recharge conveniently with the provided USB cable, eliminating the need for batteries and ensuring sustainable use.
  5. Easy-to-Use One-Button Control:

    • Easy-to-use one-button control for all three motors, simplifying the operation and navigation of different functions.
  6. Simultaneous or Independent Stimulation:

    • Choose to stimulate all three elements simultaneously or select specific combinations, such as butt tickler and shaft, butt tickler and clitoral stem, or shaft and clitoral stem.
  7. 8 Powerful Functions and Vibrations:

    • Offers 8 powerful functions and vibrations, providing a range of sensations for diverse pleasure experiences.
  8. ABS Plastic Handle with Chrome Accent:

    • Features an ABS plastic handle with a chrome accent for a stylish and ergonomic design.
  9. Colored Lights for Indication:

    • Colored lights at the base indicate changes in speed and function, allowing for easy tracking and adjustment during use.
  10. Body-Safe Materials:

    • Made from luxurious silicone, ensuring a smooth and body-safe experience.
    • Latex-free and phthalate-free for peace of mind.
  11. Waterproof and Submersible:

    • Enjoy your 'trigasm' in the shower or bath as the vibrator is completely waterproof and submersible.
  12. Evolved Love is Back:

    • Evolved love is back, signifying a trusted brand with a commitment to pleasure and quality.

Note: Clean the vibrator thoroughly before and after each use, and use water-based lubricants for optimal compatibility. The waterproof design enhances the ease of cleaning and expands the range of play environments.

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