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Eve's Teal Blissful Vibrating Bullet by Adam & Eve

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Color: Blue


  1. Slim & Powerful Design: The Blissful Bullet Vibrator features a slim and powerful design, allowing for precise targeting of intimate areas such as the clit, nipples, taint, and G-Spot.

  2. 10 Vibration Speeds & Functions: Enjoy a variety of sensations with 10 different vibrating speeds, pulsation patterns, and functions, offering a range of options to explore and discover what brings you the most pleasure.

  3. Tapered Shape: The vibrator's tapered shape is designed to target all your tight spots, ensuring optimal stimulation and heightened pleasure during use.

  4. Smooth Surface with Lube Compatibility: The smooth surface of the vibrator feels luxurious, especially when used with your favorite water-based lubricant for added comfort and glide.

  5. Firm ABS Plastic Construction: Made with firm ABS plastic, this vibrator provides maximum sensation and durability, ensuring a satisfying and long-lasting experience.

  6. Silicone Control Button: The easy-to-press silicone control button allows for seamless operation, putting you in control of the vibrator's 10 functions for endless pleasure.

  7. Compact Dimensions: Measuring 4.54 inches in length and 0.89 inches wide at the base, this vibrator is compact and discreet for easy storage and travel.

  8. Phthalate & Latex Free: The Blissful Bullet Vibrator is crafted from body-safe materials, ensuring it is free from phthalates and latex for a worry-free and safe experience.

  9. Waterproof & Submersible: Dive into aquatic pleasures as this vibrator is waterproof and submersible, making it suitable for play in the tub or shower.

  10. Battery-Powered: The vibrator operates with 1 AA battery (not included), providing convenient and accessible power for your pleasure sessions.

Note: Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for usage, cleaning, and battery replacement to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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