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Large Red Heart Gem Anal Plug by Adam & Eve

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Color: Red


  1. Large Aluminum Anal Plug: Sized for advanced users, this aluminum anal plug measures 3.73 inches in length and 1.63 inches in width, providing a substantial and fulfilling experience.

  2. Smooth Polished Surface: The smooth, polished aluminum surface ensures easy insertion and a comfortable feel. Adding a water-based lubricant enhances the experience.

  3. Tapered Tip: The tapered tip allows for easy and gradual insertion, making it suitable for those who enjoy a bit of preparation before the main event.

  4. Teardrop Shape: The teardrop shape satisfies cravings for a full feeling, making it an excellent choice for users seeking intense sensations.

  5. Narrow Neck & Safety Base: The narrow neck and safety base are designed to keep the plug securely in place, offering peace of mind during use.

  6. Sparkly Red Heart Gem: A playful touch is added with the sparkly ABS plastic red heart gem at the base, creating a cheeky and fun mood.

  7. Temperature Play: The metal construction allows the plug to retain temperature, offering the option for warm or cool play to enhance sensations.

  8. Velvet Storage Bag: The plug comes with a velvet storage bag, ensuring safe and discreet storage between uses.

Whether you're exploring temperature play, seeking intense fullness, or simply adding a sparkly element to your anal play, the Sparkly Red Heart Gem Aluminum Anal Plug is a versatile and exciting choice. Unleash your desires and enjoy the thrill of intense anal stimulation with this premium and beautifully crafted plug.

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