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Euphoria Collar & Leash by Cal Exotics

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Color: Black


Euphoria Collection Collar with Chain Leash. This extraordinary collar is expertly crafted to provide both a secure fit and complete control during thrilling BDSM adventures. The detachable leash, featuring a heavy-duty metal chain, allows for effortless guidance and domination of your submissive partner. The collar boasts a contemporary style that combines functionality, durability, and luxurious comfort, making it an essential addition to any bondage collection.

  1. Detachable Leash: Equipped with a heavy-duty metal chain for effortless guidance and domination.

  2. Plush Velvet Interior: Ensures luxurious comfort during BDSM play.

  3. Vegan Leather Exterior: Adds sophistication and durability to the collar.

  4. Universal Clasps and O-Rings: Features swivel design for versatile positions and movements.

  5. Double Padding and Stitching: Guarantees comfort and reliability, even during intense sessions.

  6. Non-Tarnishing Metal Accents: Adorned with elegant charm for visual appeal.

Sensory Experience: The combination of plush velvet and vegan leather textures culminates in a captivating sensory experience, enhancing role-playing encounters and intensifying the pleasure and control dynamics in your BDSM adventures.

Versatile Power Play: With its universal clasps and O-rings, the collar allows for versatile positions and movements, allowing you to explore a range of dominant or submissive desires.

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