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Emojigasm Dice Game by Cal Exotics

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  1. Playfully Dirty Dice Game:

    • The Emojigasm™ Dice Game is a playfully dirty game for couples, designed to add a touch of spontaneity and excitement to your intimate experiences.
  2. Fresh Playtime Ideas:

    • Ignite a new spark in the bedroom with fresh playtime ideas. The game introduces a variety of activities and scenarios to keep things exciting and adventurous.
  3. Simple and Spontaneous:

    • To play, simply roll the dice to determine the body part, activity, and location for a sexy good time. The simplicity of the game adds to its spontaneity, making each round a delightful surprise.
  4. No Losers, Pure Bliss:

    • There are no losers in this game – each round is designed to tease, please, and ensure that both players end up in a state of pure bliss. It's all about enhancing the connection and pleasure between partners.

Included Components:

  • 3 Acrylic Dice:
    • The set includes three acrylic dice, each featuring different elements to determine body parts, activities, and locations. The clear and durable design adds to the overall quality of the game.

How to Play:

  1. Roll the Dice:

    • Take turns rolling the dice to reveal the combination of body part, activity, and location for each round.
  2. Explore New Scenarios:

    • Embrace the scenarios suggested by the dice, exploring new and exciting playtime ideas to enhance intimacy.
  3. Tease and Please:

    • The game is designed to tease and please, ensuring that each round contributes to the pleasure and connection between partners.
  4. Pure Bliss:

    • With no losers in the game, every round is meant to end with both players in a state of pure bliss, fostering a positive and enjoyable intimate experience.

Note: Please ensure that all participants are comfortable and consenting to engage in the game. The Emojigasm™ Dice Game is intended for consensual, adult play.

Add a playful and seductive element to your intimate moments with the CalExotics Emojigasm™ Dice Game – the perfect way to turn spontaneous pleasure into a memorable and enjoyable experience for couples.

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