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Em Ex Contour Brief Harness by Sportsheets

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Color: Red


The Em Ex Contour Brief Harness by Sportsheets is a jock-style harness designed for an active lifestyle, providing comfort, durability, and a secure fit for all-day and all-night wear. This harness is thoughtfully crafted with features that enhance both functionality and pleasure. Here are the key features of the Em Ex Contour Brief Harness:

  1. Jock Style:

    • Designed in a jock-style for a sporty and comfortable look.
    • Suitable for those with an active lifestyle.
  2. Secure and Supportive:

    • Interior fabric panels secure toys firmly in place.
    • Provides additional support for accessories during use.
  3. Built-in Nitrile O-Ring:

    • Features a durable nitrile (rubber) O-ring with a 1.5-inch diameter.
    • Compatible with a variety of accessories for versatile play.
  4. Bullet Pockets:

    • Includes (2) bullet pockets for additional stimulation.
    • Enhances the pleasure experience for the wearer.
  5. Moisture-Wicking Material:

    • The fabric is designed to wick moisture, keeping you comfortable.
    • Ensures that moisture is controlled during wear.
  6. Travel-Friendly:

    • Comes with a travel pouch for convenience on the go.
    • Easily carry your harness anywhere with ease.
  7. Discreet Wear:

    • Designed to be discreet, making it suitable for travel and public wear.
    • TSA-friendly, allowing you to maintain privacy during security checks.

The Em Ex Contour Brief Harness is ideal for individuals seeking a harness that seamlessly integrates into an active lifestyle. With its jock-style design, interior fabric panels, built-in nitrile O-ring, bullet pockets, moisture-wicking material, and travel-friendly features, this harness offers both functionality and comfort. Whether you're on the move or enjoying intimate moments, the Em Ex Contour Brief Harness is a versatile choice for those who prioritize durability and pleasure.

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