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Edible Body Paint Fruit Flavored By Hott Products

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  1. Delicious Tasting: Make erotic playtime sweeter with Edible Body Play Paints, offering a delicious taste that adds a sensory element to intimate moments.

  2. Expressive Play: These body paints allow you to express yourself in a playful and creative way, letting you say what's on your mind with a touch of fun.

  3. Brush & Stencil Kit Included: The Edible Body Play Paints come with a brush and stencil kit, enhancing the playtime experience and making it even more enjoyable.

  4. Creative Exploration: Explore your creativity and imagination as you use the body paints to create designs, messages, or patterns on your partner's body, turning intimacy into an artful and delicious experience.

  5. Perfect for Couples: Ideal for couples looking to add a playful and flavorful twist to their intimate moments, these body paints encourage exploration and communication in a lighthearted manner.

Note: When using edible products, it's essential to consider any potential allergies or sensitivities. Ensure that all parties involved are comfortable with the product and follow any provided guidelines for usage. Additionally, these body paints are intended for adult use

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