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Edge Leather 6 Point Hog Tie by Sportsheets

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Color: Black


  1. Material: Cowhide Leather:

    • The Edge Leather 6 Point Hog Tie by Sportsheets is crafted from cowhide leather, providing a combination of durability and a luxurious feel. Leather is a popular choice for BDSM gear due to its strength and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Nickel-Free Hardware:

    • The hog tie features nickel-free hardware, which is beneficial for individuals with nickel sensitivities or allergies. This consideration enhances the accessibility and comfort of the bondage experience.
  3. Exclusive 6-Point Design:

    • Notably, this hog tie is distinguished by its exclusive 6-point design. While traditional hog ties typically have four attachment points, the Edge Leather 6 Point Hog Tie sets itself apart by offering six points. This design allows for a more intricate and secure arrangement during bondage play.
  4. Compatibility with Edge Cuffs:

    • The hog tie is designed to be compatible with Edge Wrist, Ankle, Arm Cuffs, and other attachments from the Edge series by Sportsheets. This compatibility offers users the flexibility to create custom configurations and explore various bondage scenarios.
  5. Versatile Attachment Options:

    • As a hog tie, this accessory allows for the simultaneous restraint of multiple body parts. The six attachment points provide versatility in positioning and offer a unique experience for users engaged in BDSM play.
  6. Handcrafted in the USA:

    • The Edge Leather 6 Point Hog Tie is handcrafted in the USA, emphasizing quality craftsmanship. This feature ensures attention to detail and a level of precision in the construction of the hog tie.

The Edge Leather 6 Point Hog Tie by Sportsheets combines the aesthetic appeal of cowhide leather with practical features, such as nickel-free hardware and a unique 6-point design. The compatibility with other Edge series attachments adds to its versatility, enabling users to create personalized bondage setups.

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