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Edge 2 Bluetooth Prostate Vibrating Anal Plug by Lovense

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Color: Black


Lovense Edge 2 Bluetooth Prostate Anal Plug:

  1. Remote Control Vibrations:

    • The innovative Lovense app provides total control over vibrations, enabling customization of power levels and patterns.
  2. Long-Distance Connectivity:

    • Maintain a connection with your partner, regardless of distance, and share intimate moments through the app.
  3. Tailored Desires:

    • Customize vibrations to cater to the unique desires of both partners, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience.
  4. Music Synchronization:

    • Immerse yourself in a sensory experience by synchronizing the device's vibrations with your favorite music for an added layer of pleasure.
  5. In-App Messaging:

    • Enhance communication with your partner through in-app messaging, creating a seamless and integrated experience.
  6. Video Chat Capability:

    • Experience real-time connection with your partner through video chat, adding a visual dimension to your intimate moments.
  7. Global Connectivity:

    • Lovense enables couples around the world to share and explore pleasure together, breaking down physical barriers.
  8. Cutting-Edge Sex Tech:

    • Leveraging cutting-edge sex tech, Lovense redefines the way couples connect intimately, bringing innovation and excitement to relationships.

With Lovense, couples can embrace a new era of intimacy, exploring various features that cater to their unique desires and creating unforgettable moments

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