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Eat Me Gummy Thong & Bra Strawberry by Hott Products

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The Delicious Edible Gummy Thong and Bra is a playful and edible lingerie set designed to add a sweet and tasty element to intimate playtime. 

  • Material: Made from edible gummy candy.
  • Design: Consists of a gummy thong and bra set.
  • Edible: Both the thong and bra are meant to be eaten off during play.

This product is designed for couples looking to add a fun and delicious twist to their intimate moments. The gummy material allows for a playful and edible experience, making it a unique and enjoyable addition to bedroom activities.

Usage Tips:

  1. Clean Skin: Ensure that the area where the gummy lingerie will be worn is clean and dry.
  2. Wear and Enjoy: Put on the edible gummy thong and bra, and enjoy the playful experience.
  3. Oral Enjoyment: Encourage your partner to eat the gummy lingerie off your body for added intimacy and fun.

Note: This product is meant for novelty and entertainment purposes. It's important to be aware of any allergies or sensitivities before use. If either partner has food allergies, it's recommended to avoid using edible products that may contain allergens.

As with any intimate product, communication, consent, and respect for each other's comfort levels are essential.

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