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Xtra Grip Easy Rider Mouth Masturbator by Shots

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Color: Beige


The Xtra Grip Easy Rider Mouth Masturbator by Shots is a portable masturbator designed for ease of use and pleasure.

  1. Super Soft Foam Tunnel:

    • The masturbator features a super soft foam tunnel designed to mimic the sensation of real intimacy.
  2. Easy to Use:

    • The Xtra Grip Easy Rider is designed for simplicity. To use it, remove the lid on top of the chamber.
  3. Add Lubricant:

    • Before inserting, it's recommended to apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the interior of the silicone chamber and your shaft for a smoother experience.
  4. Silicone Chamber:

    • Slide your penis, together with the lubricant, into the silicone chamber. The stretchy silicone material is designed to feel comfortably tight and provides stimulating ridges for added pleasure.
  5. Massage and Stimulation:

    • As you slide in and out, the silicone chamber massages and stimulates your shaft, enhancing the overall sensation.

This masturbator is intended to provide a pleasurable experience that feels realistic and satisfying. Remember to clean it thoroughly after each use for hygiene and longevity. Enjoy your solo sessions with the Xtra Grip Easy Rider Mouth Masturbator by Shots.

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