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Dual Exciter Enhancer Vibrating Cock Ring by Cal Exotics

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Color: Turquoise


The Silicone Rechargeable Dual Exciter Enhancer cock ring is an innovative pleasure accessory that combines intense vibrations, ergonomic design, and premium materials for heightened pleasure and satisfaction. Let's delve into the features and benefits that make this dual stimulator ring an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

  1. Dual Stimulator Design: The Enhancer features a dual stimulator design that provides simultaneous pleasure to both partners. It is crafted to enhance stamina, girth, and overall satisfaction.

  2. Premium Silicone Construction: The plush body-safe silicone ring is not only comfortable to wear but also body-friendly, ensuring a luxurious and safe experience.

  3. Intense Vibrations: With 7 powerful functions of vibration, this dual exciter takes pleasure to the next level. Explore various intensities and patterns to find what suits you best.

  4. Ergonomically Shaped Stimulator: The ergonomically shaped stimulator, along with nubby teasers, is designed to deliver pinpoint pleasure to intimate sweet spots, enhancing pleasure for both partners.

  5. Remote Control Functionality: Effortlessly control the intensity and functions with the easy-to-use remote control. This feature adds convenience and allows for seamless adjustments during intimate moments.

  6. Waterproof Design: Take your pleasure to the water with the waterproof design. Whether in the bath, shower, or hot tub, enjoy the powerful vibrations without limitations.

  7. State-of-the-Art Memory Chip: The enhancer features a state-of-the-art memory chip that remembers the last function used. This ensures that you can quickly resume your preferred setting for a personalized experience.

  8. Quick Recharge: Enjoy minimal downtime with a quick recharge time of 1 hour. Keep the excitement going without long waiting periods.

How to Use:

  1. Wearing the Ring: Slip the Silicone Rechargeable Dual Exciter Enhancer onto the penis, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. The tight ring enhances sensitivity and promotes longer-lasting pleasure.

  2. Adjustment: Explore the 7 functions of vibration using the easy-touch silicone buttons on the enhancer or the remote control. Adjust the intensity and pattern to match your desires.

  3. Dual Stimulation: Experience dual stimulation as the ergonomically shaped stimulator and nubby teasers deliver targeted pleasure to both partners.

  4. Water Play: Take advantage of the waterproof design for aquatic adventures. Use the enhancer in the bath, shower, or hot tub for added versatility.

  5. Recharging: When needed, recharge the enhancer for just 1 hour to ensure it's ready for your next intimate encounter.

Why Choose the Silicone Rechargeable Dual Exciter Enhancer:

  • Dual Stimulation: Enjoy simultaneous pleasure for both partners with the dual stimulator design.

  • Premium Silicone: The body-safe silicone construction offers a comfortable and safe experience.

  • Intense Vibrations: Explore 7 powerful functions of vibration to find the perfect combination for heightened pleasure.

  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomically shaped stimulator enhances pinpoint pleasure for a more satisfying experience.

  • Remote Control Convenience: Effortlessly control the enhancer's functions with the included remote control.

  • Waterproof Design: Take your pleasure to new environments with the waterproof feature.

  • Quick Recharge: Minimize downtime with a quick 1-hour recharge time for uninterrupted pleasure.

In Conclusion: Elevate Pleasure with the Silicone Rechargeable Dual Exciter Enhancer!

The Silicone Rechargeable Dual Exciter Enhancer is designed to elevate pleasure, providing both partners with an unforgettable experience. With its dual stimulation, premium silicone construction, and user-friendly features, this enhancer is a versatile and exciting addition to intimate moments. Explore the various functions, enjoy the ergonomic design, and recharge quickly for ongoing pleasure. Elevate your intimate encounters with this innovative dual stimulator ring.

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