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Smooth Anal Plug by Doxy

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Color: Silver


  1. Premium Material and Craftsmanship: The Smooth Doxy Butt Plug is machined from a solid block of pure aluminum, showcasing the dedication to quality and craftsmanship. The smooth surface ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  2. Ideal Starting Point: Designed to be the perfect starting point for anal play, this butt plug allows for a pleasurable and fun experience, especially when inserted slowly with plenty of lubricant.

  3. Body-Safe and Easy to Clean: Made from body-safe materials, the plug is easy to clean with soap and warm water, ensuring a hygienic and worry-free experience. The smooth surface allows for straightforward maintenance.

  4. Versatile Play Options:

    • Temperature Play: Experiment with temperature play by warming or cooling the plug before insertion, exploring the heightened sensations on your body's densely packed nerve endings.
    • Vibrations: Transform the Doxy butt plug into a vibrating plug by touching a vibrator onto the base when inserted, enhancing muscle relaxation and pleasure. Using a Doxy wand massager is recommended for optimal results.
    • Stroking: Engage in stroking movements by pulling out and pushing back in the plug, experimenting with different depths. Anal penetration can lead to intense orgasms, especially when combined with vaginal or clitoral stimulation.
    • Double Penetration: For individuals with a vagina, experience a change in shape and intensified satisfaction by engaging in simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration.
    • Simultaneous Pleasure: Adopting a popular play with anal beads, consider pulling out the plug just as orgasm is reached, amplifying the pleasure.
    • Anal Sex Preparation: Use the Doxy butt plug to explore and introduce anal play, providing a relaxed and prepared foundation for those interested in anal sex.


  • Base Diameter: 3.5cm
  • Circumference: 10.5cm
  • Insertable Length: 7cm
  • Weight: 155g

Indulge in a world of possibilities with the Smooth Doxy Butt Plug, offering versatility, comfort, and premium craftsmanship for a delightful anal play experience.

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