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Donna Life Size Realistic Sex Doll by Shots

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Color: Beige


 Real Life Doll by Shots, is designed to offer a highly realistic and customizable intimate experience. Like other high-end sex dolls in the market, Donna is crafted to provide users with a lifelike, versatile, and satisfying experience, emphasizing realism, user convenience, and hygiene.

Key Features and Considerations of Donna:

  1. Body Safe TPE Material: Ensures safety and a realistic feel.
  2. Fully Posable: Arms and legs can be gently adjusted, offering versatility in positioning.
  3. Standing Capability: Equipped with removable standing bolts for stability. Unable to stand without bolts, and flat shoes are recommended for footwear.
  4. Three Interactive Openings: Vaginal, anal, and oral functionalities for varied erotic play.
  5. Hygiene Importance: Essential to clean the relevant areas after each use to prevent bacterial buildup.
  6. Lubricant Compatibility: Advised to use only water-based lubricants to avoid skin damage.
  7. Body Warming Element: USB-chargeable, heating up in 3 minutes for a more authentic experience.
  8. Stain Prevention: Caution advised against contact with ink-containing materials that may cause staining.
  9. Accessories Included: USB body warmer, chest ball, lingerie set, replacement nails, hairbrush, body lotion/lubricant, toy cleaner, renewing powder, cleansing irrigator, extra accessory vagina, and an instruction manual.
  10. Usage Guidelines: An instruction manual is provided, covering handling, maintenance, and care instructions.

Donna is designed to cater to individuals seeking a realistic sex doll with advanced features. The emphasis on hygiene and maintenance is crucial for health and durability, and the warming feature adds to the realism. The inclusion of a comprehensive set of accessories enhances the overall user experience and convenience.

This product is positioned in the market as a premium, lifelike sex doll, appealing to those looking for a high-quality, realistic model with a focus on safety, durability, and an immersive experience.

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