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Dickhead Card Game by Little Genie

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Hilarious and straightforward card game that will have everyone in stitches as they race to match body parts and avoid being left with the ultimate title: Dick Head!

How to Play:

  1. Gather Your Players:

    • Bring together a group of friends who are ready for some laughter and a bit of friendly competition.
  2. Deal the Cards:

    • Distribute the cards evenly among the players. Each card represents a different body part, except for the infamous "Dick Head" card.
  3. Match the Body Parts:

    • Players take turns drawing cards from each other's hands, attempting to match body parts. For example, you might need to find the matching head, torso, arms, and legs to complete a full body.
  4. Avoid the Dick Head:

    • The goal is to avoid being left with the "Dick Head" card in your hand. Keep drawing and matching body parts, but be cautious not to complete the entire body or you might end up as the Dick Head!
  5. Declare the Winner:

    • The game continues until one person is left with the Dick Head card. That player is humorously declared the loser, and the laughter ensues!

Key Features:

  1. Simple and Fun:

    • Dick Head is designed for easy and immediate fun. The straightforward gameplay ensures that everyone can join in on the laughter.
  2. Fast-Paced Gameplay:

    • The game's simplicity makes it perfect for quick rounds, allowing players to jump in and out as they please.
  3. Laughs Guaranteed:

    • With the quirky theme and the pursuit of avoiding the Dick Head card, laughter is virtually guaranteed throughout the game.
  4. Ideal for Social Gatherings:

    • Dick Head is an excellent choice for parties, game nights, and social gatherings where a lighthearted and amusing atmosphere is desired.
  5. Compact and Portable:

    • The game is compact and easy to carry, making it a great option for on-the-go entertainment. Take it to parties, picnics, or any gathering for instant laughs.

Get ready for a night filled with hilarity and good-natured ribbing with "Dick Head" – the card game that adds a cheeky and unforgettable twist to your game night!

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