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Date Nights Card Game by Kheper Games

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  1. Exhilarating Experience:

    • Engage in an exciting and intimate experience with your partner using a combination of dice and game cards.
    • Alternately roll the die and explore thought-provoking questions for a dynamic and thrilling date night.
  2. Personal Inquiry Game:

    • Delve into personal inquiries using a deck of game cards that stimulate meaningful conversations.
    • Encourages couples to share and connect on a deeper level.
  3. Option for Alternatives:

    • If either partner feels uneasy answering a question, a second alternative question is readily available.
    • Creates a comfortable environment for open communication and exploration.
  4. Thought-Provoking Queries:

    • Unleash the power of over 500 captivating questions designed to breathe new life into your dates.
    • Stimulates curiosity and fosters a sense of adventure in discovering more about each other.
  5. No Gender Bias:

    • Questions are crafted with no bias towards gender, ensuring inclusivity for any couple.
    • Allows for a universally enjoyable experience for partners of all orientations.
  6. Deeper Insights:

    • Facilitates uncovering deeper insights about each other, enhancing emotional connection.
    • Promotes a sense of intimacy and mutual understanding in the relationship.
  7. Adventure and Thrill:

    • Injects a sense of adventure into your relationship by encouraging exploration and discovery.
    • Elevates date nights to be more dynamic and memorable.

The Intimate Discovery Dice & Game Cards Set is a versatile and inclusive game designed to enhance connection and intimacy between partners. With over 500 thought-provoking questions, the set offers a thrilling and dynamic experience for any couple. The option for alternatives ensures a comfortable atmosphere, fostering open communication and exploration. Whether you're seeking deeper insights or simply want to inject more adventure into your relationship, let the journey of discovery begin with this engaging and stimulating game.

Examples of how you may drink are “If banjo music makes you think of incest” or “If you have ever taken a call while on a public toilet.”

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