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Swingo Curved Cock Ring by Screaming O

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Color: Black


The pleasure-enhancing benefits of the SwingO Curve, a cock ring designed for versatility, comfort, and ultimate satisfaction. Elevate your intimate moments and explore the possibilities of defined enhancement with this uniquely crafted accessory made for pleasure seekers who appreciate innovation and thoughtful design.

  1. Reversible Design: The SwingO Curve cock ring features a reversible design, providing two distinct sensations. Experiment with wearing it forward or backward to find the perfect fit and feel for your preferences.

  2. Custom Contour: Crafted with a custom contour, the SwingO Curve is specifically designed to accommodate his undercarriage. The strategically bendable shape ensures a secure and comfortable wear, enhancing your experience with each use.

  3. Stretchy True Silicone™ Construction: Enjoy a body-safe experience with the SwingO Curve, made from stretchy True Silicone™. This material not only ensures a secure fit but also adds a level of comfort to your intimate moments.

  4. Defined Enhancement: Experience defined enhancement with the curved cock ring, providing optimal support and pleasure. The unique shape of the SwingO Curve enhances intimacy, offering a new dimension to your sensual encounters.

  5. Easy Application: Simply stretch the SwingO Curve around the penis and testicles, positioning the ring at the base of the body for optimal pleasure. Feel free to experiment with placement to discover what brings the most pleasure to him.

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